Smartchase Puts the advisor First
(and the client at the center)


About Smartchase

Smartchase Inc. is a Canadian company that was created by people who are passionate about bringing better advice and products to real people (ie. the local advisor and the average investor).  Smartchase brings together a select group of leading Private Capital asset managers, Exempt Market Dealers, and Investment Dealers.

Smartchase’s platform was inspired by key leaders in the financial service sector including the people behind Northern Coast Financial and their experience marketing and managing the Northern Coast Strategic Fund, a private Canadian Hedge Fund. The founders of Northern Coast quickly learnt that the traditional investment firms are more focused on their bottom line than they are on the needs of investors. These large bank-controlled firms are more focused on “selling” products that are good for the firm, rather than “servicing” the needs of their clients.

The Power of Private Capital

Realizing the need was significantly larger than just the Fund, Northern Coast spent over CAD$1 million building a regulatory and technological framework that gave independent financial advisors the ability to offer several alternative investment products in an efficient and compliant environment. This innovative regulatory framework is the backbone of the Smartchase platform.

The Importance of Good Compliance

Northern Coast was forced to reach out to independent advisors who were not affiliated to the large banks and insurance companies, and who were looking for better options for their clients. This led to the creation of a compliance platform that allowed for compliant referrals in a non-competitive environment (advisors were not faced with potential loss of their clients nor their AUM).