Frequently asked questions

The Advisor-Client relationship that you have build over years of hard work is central to the Smartchase business model.  Without you, the advisor, and your relationship with your client, there would be no Smartchase.  All of our agreements are very clear: you are the client, and although we service your clients as if they were our own, they always remain your clients and the relationship is protected by a rigid non-compete agreement.t

Yes.  The Smartchase Referral Program is ideal for life insurance specialists and can service your clients without requiring any new registrations.

Private Capital is a type of investment where investors invest directly in a company, a project, loans (like a mortgage), real estate, and more.  These types of investments to not issue a prospectus and therefore not “public” like mutual funds or stocks.

Yes. In most cases, Alternative Investments are secured by underlying assets but they are not guaranteed, so investors can lose their money.  That is why working with Smartchase is crucial before making any investment recommendations. Smartchase’s personalized yet unwavering compliance partners will seamlessly ensure that the alluring returns of alternative investments don’t put an investor at undue risk.

They are essentially synonyms.  All investments in Private Capital are considered to be Alternative Investments.

Yes. If you grow, Smartchase grows. Smartchase’s Wealth Management team has extensive M&A experience and has facilitated dozens of mergers, acquisitions, and transitions.  If you have a target in mind, Smartchase can even help finance your transaction.  If not, the Wealth Management team can assist with you to find the right “book” for you.

Yes, but only as a Smartchase Affiliate Advisor or a Smartchase Corporate Advisor.  Unfortunately, the MFDA does not allow its Dealing Representatives to refer Alternative Investments to their clients.  As an Smartchase Affiliate Advisor or Smartchase Corporate Advisor, you can continue to offer mutual funds and your clients would keep the same investments they currently own.  Depending on the registration option you choose, you would also be able to offer private capital investments as well as any publicly-traded securities (stocks, bonds, ETFs).  MFDA advisors who join Smartchase can immediately move their clients and benefit from a six-month grace period to complete a new registration.

No.  Your investors get to keep their current investments where they are.  If one of your purchases an Alternative Investment, they may have to hold that investment in a specialized financial institution.  In that case, Smartchase will seamlessly open the accounts and Smartchase’s reporting will integrate both the client’s traditional portfolio and the client’s Alternative Investment into one easy to read statement.

Smartchase has developed a powerful back-end database and portal that uses best-in-class technology to secure confidential information and to ensure every action is fully compliant.  Advisors can access this portal directly using a web interface, or Smartchase can also create a secure connection with an advisor’s existing applications.  In the “back-end”, Smartchase is securely and seamlessly connected to its compliance partners, so information remains confidential and Advisors need only enter information once.

Smartchase will assign a dedicated customer service manager who personally assist with every aspect of onboarding process.  Technology is crucial to ensure efficiency and to safeguard confidential information, but nothing is more effective to ensure clients are happy and understand the process than a real person.

Currently, Smartchase has partnered with an Exempt Market Dealer and an Investment Dealer (IIROC).  Furthermore, Smartchase has referral agreements with a variety of Portfolio Managers and has a diversified shelf of both proprietary and third-party private capital investment options.