A Proven platform to meet the needs of all advisors

By joining Smartchase, advisors can:
  • Offer innovative and exclusive private capital investment products
  • Leverage and enhance existing client/advisor relationships
  • Benefit from a regulatory blanket that protects them and their clients
  • Access the best and latest Fintech
  • Rely on proven Dealers to ensure constant and consistent compliance
  • Keep their existing regulatory situation and rely on salaried Smartchase registrants, or choose to register under a Smartchase approved Dealer.
  • Use Smartchase’s optional equity offering to grow their business or sell part or all of their practice.


At its core, the Smartchase platform allows advisors to transact in Alternative Investments both directly and through referral agreements.  The Smartchase platform is one of Canada’s most complete suite of regulatory and back-office offerings and is designed to grow with advisors according to their needs and their aspirations.

Referral Advisor Program

For advisors looking to selectively offer exclusive private capital investments to better serve their client needs, without changing their current regulatory situation.

Affiliate Advisor Platform

For advisors looking to offer private capital investments on a regular basis and fully benefit from the Smartchase Platform, while maintaining ownership of their practice.

Corporate Advisor Option

For advisors looking for everything the Affiliate Program has to offer and need an equity partner to grow their business or to purchase all or part of their existing practice.