Private Capital Solutions for
Independent Financial Advisors

Built for independent financial advisors, Smartchase’s platform combines technology, exclusive private capital investment products, and seamless compliance services.

Private Capital & Alternative Investments

It is no secret that pension funds, endowment funds, and family offices have the majority of their portfolios invested in alternative investments.   In a recent (January 21, 2019) survey of 28 Canadian family offices, the average weighting in alternatives was 52%, with just 22% for public equities and 15% for fixed income. 

Unfortunately, financial advisors often do not have access to alternative investments in Private Capital, and their clients will have portfolios with 70% to 80% in public equities, 20% to 30% fixed income, and zero percent alternatives.

Smartchase believes that all investors should benefit from the advantages of adding private capital (also called Alternative Investments) to their portfolios, not just institutional investors and the very wealthy.  Alternative investments offer better risk adjusted returns, greater security and asset capital protection, lower volatility, better cash flow, and are often more tax effective.

Tailored for Independent Advisors

Smartchase has partnered with leading Canadian Asset Managers and Investment Dealers to create a platform that is designed for the Advisor, not the firm.  Smartchase empowers Advisors of all regulatory backgrounds to puts their needs and the needs of their clients first.  Smartchase allows Advisors to spend more time with their clients and less time on compliance.

Turn-key compliance and technology

Smartchase combines proven technology, well established Dealers, and real people to offer independent advisors a turn-key platform that includes a cost-effective compliance, state-of-the-art client onboarding, cross-platform access, and some of the best CRM, KYC, and KYP applications available in the market today.

Three ways to benefit from the Smartchase Platform

Referral Advisor

For advisors looking to selectively offer exclusive private capital investments to better serve their client needs, without changing their current regulatory situation.

Affiliate Advisor

For advisors looking to offer private capital investments on a regular basis and fully benefit from the Smartchase Platform, while maintaining ownership of their practice.

Corporate Advisor

For advisors looking for everything the Affiliate Program has to offer and need an equity partner to grow their business or to purchase all or part of their existing practice.